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Who's site is this?

Hi, I'm Matt.

I'm just a guy that lives in Panama City Beach, Florida with with a wife, a dog and a cat.

I'm an enthusiastic supporter of GNU/Linux and open-source software in general and the Ubuntu MATE distribution in specific. You can download Ubuntu MATE here and join a fantastic and growing community at

I'm a motorcycle enthusiast and currently I commute to work daily on a Honda NC700X.

I've recently developed a fondness for running, and I'm working toward bettering my 5K time and extending my weekly distance.

More can be found on my Google+ page.
You can also get up with me on Telegram, at @electragician - Let's talk!

What's the purpose of this site?

This is my creative outlet on the web. Whatever that actually means :)

Why in the name of god did you choose a wiki for your CMS?

I *really* like DokuWiki. It's simple, responsive and fun to use.

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