Me, in all my not-glory!


This site serves as both an avenue for me to learn HTML5, CSS, Javascript and the other trappings of today's internet, and as a creative outlet when the mood strikes. Ultimately, I hope to build out a few apps and games and add them to the site.

We all know the old adage about the best laid plans, but that's the goal... everyone needs a goal :)

A little history

I started off with coding simple UWP (Windows Store) apps, as there was a relatively low bar of entry, coupled with excellent training materials that were readily available at Microsoft's Virtual Academy website.

I quickly came to the realization that I was likely overlooking a better medium for my own personal style of tinkering. I've always been a fan of open-source software and the copy-left movement, and I believe that I'm better served by avoiding proprietary stores and other walled gardens when possible.

I find myself leaning more toward web-based programming and presentation, as that keeps me from having to rely on Microsoft, Apple or Google. They are all great companies, but why give anyone authority over your hobby projects, when you don't have to?

Contact Info

I can be reached via email and I am on Telegram Messenger as "electragician".